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Extraordinary wedding photography

"With 15 years of experience in capturing the beauty and emotions of your wedding day, we are honored to be a part of your special moments, providing you with timeless, beautiful images that you will treasure for a lifetime."

Our story

Welcome to Angel Project Photography.

Welcome to Angel Project Photography, where artistry and realism meet to capture the most cherished moments of your life. Founded in 2011 by my wife and I, we have been dedicated to setting a new standard in photography by blending photojournalism and documentary-style realism. With an award-winning team and curated photographic and cinematographic techniques, we are committed to capturing the essence of your special day in a timeless and beautiful way.

What we believe.

From the moment you come in for a consultation to wedding day, we hope that our strive for perfection and desire to produce only the best will show not only in our photographs but through your entire experience working with us. Our photos and videos are carefully edited by our in-house staff, polished by our family-trusted local hand made album manufacturer, and handed directly to the hands of our newlyweds. Regardless of our clientele, our business model is based upon our belief in the support of local communities, small businesses and trust.

Captured Moments

“People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.” — Dr. Seuss

Paying attention to personal preference and details are what we believe in here at Angel Project.

We’ve been documenting thousand of true love stories of real life couples for over a decade now and we promise, they’re better than any of those movies and love songs.

We wish for every client to not only see that we hold ourselves to the highest degree of quality but to feel it in your original photos and films.


Pricing & Availability

We are honored to be present for each of our clients’ weddings, sharing their breathtaking moments of celebration, beauty, and love. Knowing that these are moments that everyone deserves to experience and capture, we can’t wait to be there to help capture yours.


Michael Package

Capture the intimate and elegant moments of your special day with our simple yet sophisticated wedding photography

Jophiel Package

Our All-Day Photography and Films Coverage package is the ultimate way to preserve the memories of your special day

Gabriel Package

Our Editorial Style Engagement Photo Session package includes a unique and creative photography session that captures the essence of your love story.

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Charity Vision

The mission of Angel Project was conceived long before our founding in 2011, and it continues to evolve. Our mission is responsive to a critical evaluation of the contemporary, historical, and cultural understanding of marriage in the modern world. 

Weddings are more exclusive than ever before

— and love shouldn’t have a price tag. Marriages are important — for both families and society as a whole. Married couples are overall better financially off and less likely to separate than cohabiting couples.

The wedding industry isn’t doing enough

— nearly enough — to be as accessible as it should be. Especially since the pandemic, weddings have become an inaccessible expense to countless prospective couples, especially to those of poorer, underprivileged, and marginalized groups, who were most financially vulnerable.

Marginalized groups

With decreasing marriage rates, — especially in Black communities and other groups of color — are most vulnerable to these trends, and the exclusivity of weddings only serves as an incentive to exacerbate them.