Term Of Services

Angel Project Studio, Inc.


Payment- No part of any order will be delivered until the balance is paid in full. The Studio will not reserve the desired event date and does not guarantee services unless a 20% deposit of the total price is received. Late charge fee of 5% amount due will accrue to any unpaid deposits and/or payments not received within 20 days of due date per our contract. Please refer to your contract for the due dates.

Cancellation- All cancellation and postponement requests must be submitted in writing. In the event of postponement or cancellation of the contract by client, any payment made to Angel Project Photography, Inc. including deposits are non-refundable regardless of reason for cancellation. For cancellations by client with event date less than eight months outstanding from the original date of request, Angel Project Photography, Inc. reserves the right to collect the 40% payment, total of 60% (20% deposit plus 40% payment) of the entire contract price. Client shall have right to re-schedule to a date when The Studio is not yet committed to another contract and all payment made hereunder shall be credited. If the client cancels their contract after the engagement session, $1000 must be paid on top of any other non-refundable monies that The Studio is owed with no exceptions and no matter if the cancellation is more than eight months outstanding from the original date of request.

Copyright- The client is granted personal usage rights to the images and video content, however The Studio reserves the right to use any or all images and video content for the purpose of creating or displaying samples of the Studio’s photographic/videography work and for any and all commercial and media purposes, known and unknown.

Materials – All video files will be kept for three (3) months from date of wedding and twelve (12) months for photos. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their order is completed to their satisfaction prior to that date. No notice will be given prior to the disposal of images, film or digital, and videos.

Limitation of Liability- Angel Project Photography, Inc. (“The Studio”) takes utmost care with respect to exposure, development and delivery of services and photographs. However, in the event The Studio fails to comply with the terms of the contract due to any event including but not limited to natural disasters, electrical outages, massive equipment failures, or any act outside the control of the studio, the studio’s liability is limited to a refund of all deposits made on the contract. The client hereby waives any claims for negligence, breach of warranty, mental harm or distress due to the failure of the photographs to be produced because of any defective materials, equipment or procedures.
The studio will do its utmost to capture specific images of persons, groups of persons or specific scenes. It is vital that the customer advises The Studio in advance of such expectations and provides assistance during the wedding to identify the subject persons. Failure of The Studio to take any or produce any specific photograph shall not be a reason or cause for the customer to make claim for such missing photography, as long as sufficient photographs have been taken to cover the amount of the photographic order pursuant to the contract. The Studio will make every effort to arrange for the photographers whose names are written on the contract on the event date, however in the event that the photographers and/or cinematographers fail to shoot the event due to unforeseen circumstances, The Studio will not be held liable as long as replacement photographers and/or cinematographers are arranged for by The Studio.

Retouching- All images will be adjusted for exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. The studio’s judgment regarding post-processing shall be deemed correct and on the standard shown during meetings, as samples, etc. Retouching, digital manipulation, and additional post-processing are available to the client as an option at extra cost. The specific cost would be discussed with the studio to determine fair compensation for the additional work.

Client Satisfaction- Angel Project Photography, Inc. stands by our commitment to offer all photos and videos to our level of quality. If the client is not satisfied with the results of the work, they will still not be eligible for a refund on this basis alone. Refunds are only allowable if they meet the terms listed within this document.

Album and Reprint – The Studio must receive all album and reprint orders within one (1) year from your wedding date. We cannot guarantee availability of the album and reprint listed in contract after one-year period and client will be responsible for price adjustments in processing the order as current album style are available.

Engagement Session- Client is responsible for obtaining permit and any entrance or parking fee for the photographer(s). Engagement sessions are available only on the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. The client understands that The Studio does not travel to more than one (1) location per session. No refund will be given if the client fails to book the engagement session in accordance with the statements above. If Engagement session is not booked, we will give credit in the form of reprints or upgrade album.

Miscellaneous- The Studio is responsible for only what is written in the contract. When there are additional services provided, including but not limited to: overtime (Each additional hour over contracted number of hours will be subject to $125 charge for half an hour and $200 per hour per staff member), shipment charges and other services rendered on behalf of the client, additional payments are required. It is the client’s responsibility to place all orders in timely manner. All items included in contract should be ordered within 12 months from your wedding date. The studio will not contact you for orders not placed and will expire or additional charges will apply after the specified time period.

Force Majeure- Performance under this Agreement is subject to acts of God (i.e. flooding, earthquake, disease, etc.), human events (i.e. war, strike, riot, etc.), government restrictions, or any other reason where failure to perform is beyond the reasonable control, and is not caused by the negligence, intentional conduct or misconduct of the defaulting party. This Agreement may be terminated without liability for any one or more of such reasons by written notice from the defaulting party to the other. If a Force Majeure event occurs, The Studio will work with the Client to find an alternative substitute date for the Event that is suitable to both Client and The Studio. An alternative date will be reasonably comparable in quality thereto. To the extent the Parties cannot agree on a suitable alternative date consistent with The Studios’ availability, The Studio will refund the client fees paid to The Studio under the Agreement.