Elevate Your Wedding Photography Experience

Envision a skilled team of photographers, each devoted to capturing the most exquisite moments of your momentous day. Ponder the lasting value of these magnificent wedding photographs, destined to be cherished by both you and your descendants for generations.

Angel Project Studios is dedicated to this purpose. Our mastery lies in encapsulating these timeless memories, ensuring they remain sources of delight for you, your children, and grandchildren. We undertake to preserve your significant day through a collection of distinctive and artistically crafted photographs that transcend time.

Furthermore, we ensure that this experience is not just a service, but a delightful, unforgettable, and world-class journey. All the while, we treat you as the extraordinary couple you truly are.


Please take your time to explore our work, encompassing both photography and cinematography. This decision holds significant weight, and we comprehend the value of having the right team to capture your special day. Our objective is to ensure that we’re the ideal fit for you. If you find comfort and connection with our works and wish to collaborate with an experienced team, we encourage you to fill out the form below. With limited spots available, we advise applying today. We’ll arrange a call and a meeting to get to know you better and understand your preferences. To secure your spot within our exclusive Angel Project Studios team, kindly place a deposit and sign the agreement. We will guide you through the entire wedding preparation process, right up to the wedding day, ensuring a smooth and seamless journey from start to finish.

Michael Package

Capture the intimate and elegant moments of your special day with our simple yet sophisticated wedding photography package, designed for clients with a more intimate guest list. Our experienced photographer will be on hand to document every detail and emotion of your day, providing you with timeless, high-quality images to treasure forever.

Raphael Package

Experience comprehensive photography services for your special day with an all-day coverage package that includes an engagement session and a beautifully curated album to cherish the memories forever. This package also includes a pre-wedding consultation and a private online gallery of high-resolution images for you to cherish for years to come.

Jophiel Package

Our All-Day Photography and Films Coverage package is the ultimate way to preserve the memories of your special day. Our team of experienced photographers and videographers will be with you every step of the way, capturing every precious moment of your wedding, from the getting-ready moments to the cake cutting of the night. 

The Blue hour

Customized entirely to match your preferences, this package can be collaboratively designed to establish a theme for your shoot. Our Editorial Style Engagement Photo & Video Session provides a unique and creative experience, encapsulating the true essence of your love story. Our team curates an editorial-inspired session that genuinely and exquisitely portrays your unique narrative.

Leo Package

Our highly sought-after All-Day Wedding Coverage package features a complete photography and videography team, committed to capturing every aspect of your significant day. From the initial preparations to the last dance, our team meticulously documents every moment. With their skills, they create a seamless visual story of your wedding day, ensuring cherished memories for a lifetime.

Gabriel Package

Our All-Day Wedding Coverage package comprises a complete photography and videography team, ensuring every moment of your special day is captured. From getting ready to the final dance, our team documents it all. We also incorporate cutting-edge equipment and technology, such as drones, to capture breathtaking aerial footage of your ceremony and reception, enhancing the beauty of your final product.


Please take a moment to share about yourself. The more we learn about you and your wedding day, the better we can determine if we’re the perfect fit for each other. We have a limited number of spots available each month, so let’s connect and explore our compatibility!


Our albums are not just a collection of photographs, but a timeless representation of the love and memories shared on your special day. We use only the highest quality Luster prints, which provide a luxurious and vibrant finish to your images. Our lay-flat, coffee-table style design ensures that your photographs are not only beautiful to look at, but also easily accessible for convenient viewing pleasure.


Every album is individually crafted, featuring your handpicked selection of photos from the wedding day. We take meticulous care in arranging your photos, ensuring they weave together to narrate the story of your special day, allowing you to relive it in the most exquisite manner.


We make your album truly unique by branding the names of the happy couple on the cover, adding a touch of boldness and personalization to your keepsake. It’s an elegant and subtle way to make your album stand out and give it a special touch. Your album will be a one of a kind, a true treasure for you to cherish for a lifetime. 

Hand Made

Each album is hand-bound by skilled craftsmen, ensuring that your album is not only beautiful but also durable and of the highest quality. The Italian leather or silk cover gives the album a luxurious and elegant feel, making it a perfect keepsake to treasure for a lifetime.

The renaissance

Our albums elegantly showcase your memories with professionalism. Using top-quality photographic paper and eco-friendly covers, we ensure both beauty and sustainability. Each album contains prints on durable, acid-free pages, guaranteeing long-lasting memories that won’t fade over time. Ideal for preserving engagements, weddings, and cherished life moments.

The Tribecca

We offer a luxury classic album that is crafted with the finest Italian leather or silk cover. The cover is available in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to personalize your album to suit your style and taste. With a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, this luxury classic album is the perfect way to preserve your most precious memories in a elegant and timeless way.


Preserve your precious memories and share them with those closest to you. Made with the high-quality prints and durable fabric cover, it’s the perfect way to spread the love and let your loved ones relive the special moments of your wedding day. The Keepsake is not just a duplicate of your main album, but a thoughtful and unique gift for parents and relatives to treasure for years to come.

Our Team



I’ve been immersed in the world of wedding photography since 2006. Prior to that, I actively pursued a career in fashion and interior photography, contributing to well-known magazines like Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. During my time as a fine art photographer in school, my dream was to exhibit my work in galleries. However, my path took an unexpected turn when I wholeheartedly embraced wedding photography.

What drew me to this path was the profound happiness I witnessed in couples’ faces when I delivered their wedding memories. It was a joyous revelation that this was where I truly belonged.

Over the past decade, my team and I have had the privilege of capturing the magic of over a thousand weddings. Throughout this journey, we’ve come to understand that authenticity, humility, and the simple joy of being ourselves are the qualities that set us apart. These values are the cornerstone of our work, and we approach our craft with humility, believing that a higher power guides us toward our purpose and the moments we need to capture.

I am genuinely thrilled at the prospect of capturing your most special day with an open heart, embracing each moment as it unfolds, and eagerly anticipating the unique images that will grace my lens.

Warm regards,



Hey there!

I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce myself as your go-to wedding photographer. I’m not just skilled and talented; I’m genuinely passionate about capturing the essence of your special day. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, I’ve honed my craft to perfection.

What sets me apart? Well, my background in Fine Art Photography and my childhood spent in Korea have given me a unique perspective. You can expect my work to be filled with soft, natural colors and a focus on those candid, genuine moments that make your love story one-of-a-kind.

Now, here’s the best part—I’m right here in Long Island with my family, and I’m ready to dedicate myself to telling the beautiful story of your wedding day. Get ready for stunning, emotionally-charged images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Can’t wait to be a part of your special day! 😊

Yours truly,


I’m Silvana C.

Good day!

I’m Silvana, your friendly neighborhood wedding photographer, based right here in the heart of New York City!

Let me tell you, I’m absolutely passionate about capturing love and emotions through the art of photography. It’s not just a job for me; it’s a genuine love for storytelling that drives my work.

I actually got my hands on my first camera back in high school, and I’ve been on this incredible photography journey ever since. Over the years, I’ve become a master at seizing those precious candid moments and emotions that make each wedding so unique and special.

I firmly believe that every wedding is its own extraordinary story, and my mission is to document it in a way that feels completely authentic and timeless.

My secret sauce? A keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to capturing your day exactly as it unfolds. I bring a fresh and modern approach to wedding photography, and I can cater to your every need, whether it’s portraits, candid shots, or a mix of both.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer who’s not only dedicated but also creative and brimming with passion to capture your special day, look no further. I’m confident that my talent and commitment will leave you thoroughly impressed, capturing the very essence of your unique love story. I can’t wait to be a part of your magical day! 📷💫

Yours truly,



Hello there!

Are you in search of a wedding cinematographer who’s not just dedicated but utterly passionate about preserving the magic of your special day? Look no further!

With years of heart and soul poured into this craft, I’m not just here to capture your wedding; I’m here to elevate your entire experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to document love stories in breathtaking locations all across the United States and even beyond. Each wedding I film is approached with a unique, artistic vision that aims to embody the values and emotions that make your day truly exceptional.

So, let me be the one to weave together the tapestry of your wedding day, crafting personalized, exquisite, and timeless images that will warm your heart and soul for years to come.




I’m Peter W.

Hi there!

My wedding videography is more than a profession; it’s a heartfelt pursuit that harmonizes timeless elegance with a contemporary edge. I specialize in capturing candid moments that encapsulate the very essence of your special day. With an unwavering commitment to humility and unobtrusiveness, my mission is to preserve the authentic emotions woven into every frame.

Equipped with the latest technology, including stunning drone footage, I invest countless hours into meticulous editing, ensuring that your highlight and full live edit videos radiate the genuine essence of your celebration. These videos will become cherished memories for generations to come.

I’m profoundly honored that you’ve entrusted me to narrate your unique love story through my lens. Rest assured, I’m wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering captivating videos that mirror the enchantment of your wedding day.

Let’s embark on this journey together and create something truly beautiful.

Warm regards,



I’m Jin J.


Hailing from the vibrant metropolis of New York City, I am a photographer with a distinct focus on urban storytelling and the art of black and white photography. The city itself serves as my muse, with my work mirroring the diversity of its people, the narratives that unfold on its streets, and the captivating locales that ignite my creativity.

My primary mission is to encapsulate the very essence of the city and the myriad of emotions experienced by its inhabitants through the lens of my camera. My passion for photography goes hand in hand with my love for travel, affording me the opportunity to explore fresh perspectives and inspirations that continually enrich my craft.




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Together, let's craft unforgettable moments and create memories that will forever be treasured. We look forward to embarking on this remarkable journey with you